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Ninna Jacobsen, Dairyland Wedding Venue Snohomish, WA

Project Type


Dairyland at Woodland Meadow Farms in Snohomish, Washington, needed a new logo to reflect its transformation from a historic dairy farm to a premier wedding venue. The logo needed to capture the rustic charm and elegance of the site, featuring elements that highlight its heritage and modern use, including a cow!

Brand Identity




982cb7_3e965b2a095486c98ce697c1a02c4afa (1).png

Dairyland in Snohomish, Washington, boasts a charming logo that reflects its history as a former dairy farm now transformed into a picturesque wedding venue. The logo features a classic cow silhouette standing on grass, symbolizing its agricultural roots. The text "EST. 2013" flanks the cow, marking the establishment year. 

Below, the bold "DAIRYLAND" text captures attention, while a ribbon banner at the bottom declares "SNOHOMISH WA." The logo is available in three color variations: timeless black, vibrant orange, and soothing green. These colors cater to different themes and moods, making it perfect for various wedding aesthetics. This versatile and evocative logo beautifully ties together Dairyland's rich heritage and its new role as a beloved wedding destination.

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