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Fyre Sauna Woodfired Wellness

Project Type

Brand Identity & Vehicle Wrap


Fyre Sauna's mobile sauna experience brings the invigorating spirit of the outdoors to your doorstep, allowing everyone to immerse themselves in the restorative embrace of nature's warmth. The brand aims to redefine wellness through its commitment to natural, sustainable, Scandinavian practices, and the therapeutic benefits of wood-fired sauna and cold plunge experiences.



Designer/ Illustrator

The logo icon combines a water droplet and a flame, signifying a wood-fire sauna's elements such as flame, heat, steam, and sweat. The brand itself is based on Scandinavian practice, which meant it had to have a natural feel encompassing the rustic charm of a Viking landscape. The brand couldn't be old-school, however, so the rounded sans-serif wordmark brings in a modern and friendly feel. The color palette uses warm browns and cool green greys, again reflecting the elements of water and fire.

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