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Marymoor Park


This project involves environmental graphic design for Marymoor Park, located in 6046 West Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE, Kirkland WA. A wayfinding system is proposed to be installed to help key audiences to navigate three chosen areas of the park. The areas include the Audubon Bird Loop, the Gardens, and the famed off-leash Dog Park. Each of these areas would have a signage program, and a place making archway. A landmark at the main entrance to the park would also be installed that would be connected to the created park identity. 

pet walk2.png


For the bird loop, brown was chosen as the main color for its earthy qualities, as bird watchers are seeking to observe nature during their visit to Marymoor. It is also the color of most birds. A twig and rough-cut texture was also chosen for this purpose to be used in the signage and in a large way, the placemaking arch set at the trail entrance. Blue was the defining color for the dog park, since the audience would be seeking the wide open off-leash do area during their visit. Yellow also represents the happy personality of the dogs and dog-owners. A painted, rough, wooden texture was applied to signage. The wood texture for the garden area would resemble the planter boxes and beds. A muted, leafy green was used as the defining color for the area, along with a rose red. Throughout the system, clear plexiglass would be laminated with information and graphics.

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