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Wellspring Tavern
Morgen Phillips & Chris Anderson


Established by Morgen Phillips and Chris Anderson, Wellspring Tavern is an upcoming fantasy-themed restaurant and tavern nestled in the Pacific Northwest. Currently, the brand is raising funds online through the sales of apparel in its shop.

Project Type

Brand Identity Redesign & Apparel


A. Bright Designs


Graphic & Visual Designer


The genesis of this logo design began with a reinterpretation of a stock logo featuring a crow encircled by yellow lines. At Wellspring, there was a desire for a logo that exuded more rustic charm, with a defined raven silhouette. I embarked on this journey by crafting a linocut illustration and refining the shape of the bird's head to unmistakably resemble a raven using Illustrator.

Additionally, the team sought an apparel design aligned with the "hot girl food" trend, focusing on tinned fish. Thus, the creation of the "Kuo Toa Tinned Fish T-Shirt" was inspired by the rich lore of the Forgotten Realms. As a playful touch, the label may or may not feature the word "help" cunningly concealed in Espruar script.

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