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Tyler Amaya

Project Type

Brand Identity & Web Design


Baylii Branding & Marketing LLC


Graphic & Visual Designer


Hoop for the Valley enables kids from income-restricted families to experience the joy and benefits of basketball at no cost. This brand was created by Tyler Amaya in honor of Ethan Chapin. One of a set of triplets, Ethan and his siblings all went to college in Idaho together where they flourished. Tragically, Ethan’s promising light was extinguished in November 2022, when he died unexpectedly. In the wake of this devastating loss, Tyler founded Hoop for the Valley, with the support of the Chapin family.


Hoop for the Valley reflects Ethan Chapin's personality: bright and cheery. The colors for this brand palette are sunshine yellow and vibrant orange, paired with Ethan's favorite blue.  The idea behind the logo icon was to pair a sunrise and a basketball, which you can see also make the stripes of Skagit Valley. The typography for this brand also had to be fun and playful, created with a rounded Sans Serif. Every E in this brand is colored with the bright sunshine yellow as a constant reminder of Ethan Chapin. 


Creative Director, Lizzy Millenaar / Brand Strategist, Morgen Phillips Photography, Kelly Clare

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